Tour Zenith, Bruxelles

Typologie Commerce

Lieu Bruxelles

Année de livraison 2014

Architecte NC & BHAM Architectes



Simonis is currently entirely redeveloping a "casco" area, on the ground floor of the Zénith Tower in Brussels. This redevelopment includes the creation of an industrial kitchen, a self-service area, a stylish restaurant and two conference rooms. The project is close to its immediate environment (“casco” zone, park and train station district). Furthermore, the technical elements remain visible, including a six-meter high tree in a table decorated with recovered planks and graffiti painted on the back wall. Contracting authority: GAUCHERET S.A.

Perspectives ©NC & BHAM Architectes

Tour Zenith, Bruxelles Tour Zenith, Bruxelles

Les points clés

  • Industrial kitchen
  • Self-service area
  • A stylish restaurant and two conference rooms
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Créée en 1928, Simonis est une entreprise générale de construction située à Bruxelles. Son savoir-faire s’étend également en rénovation, réhabilitation, et reconversion d’usage des bâtiments.

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