Groupe scolaire Rostand - Lille Hellemes

Typology Education

Location Lille-Hellemes

Year of delivery 2019

Architect SAM Architecture

Rabot Dutilleul Construction


This project featured large-scale structural works in a 5,000 sq. m. school complex in the l’Epine neighbourhood of Hellemmes east of Lille comprising a nursery and primary school. A building with a ground floor and a first floor will be built to accommodate schoolchildren as well as a leisure centre (ALSH). 

This project will be jointly conducted with the Goudalle Charpente company specialised in wood-based construction and will require 770 hours of structural works. The ground floor of the building will feature façades made of concrete and bricks, while the upper floor will benefit from a wooden frame. 

Modelled using FullBIM 3D digital software, the project will be based on a Passiv Haus environment-friendly approach to energy efficiency in buildings.



Groupe scolaire Rostand - Lille Hellemes Groupe scolaire Rostand - Lille Hellemes

Key features

  • 5000 m²
  • Passiv Haus project
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