Plata Nueva, Bruxelles

Typology Residential

Location Bruxelles

Year of delivery 2014

Architect Guillissen & Roba

Entreprises Louis de Waele


11,000 sq. m. of former offices converted by Entreprises Louis de Waele into a 96-flat residence, located just above the shops in rue Neuve, in the heart of Brussels. Constructing its three storeys with no access to the foundations was made possible by lightening the building: some of the concrete was replaced by wooden flooring and façades; a metal frame was put in place, all of which meeting the required recovery and recycling standards.




Pictures ©Yvan Glavie

Plata Nueva, Bruxelles Plata Nueva, Bruxelles

Key features

  • Conversion for new uses
  • 10,000 sq. m.
  • Wooden flooring and façades
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Entreprises Louis de Waele

With more than 150 years of experience, Louis de Waele is located in Brussels, where it specialises in the construction, renovation and restoration of all kinds of buildings as well as the delivery of civil engineering projects.

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