Conservatoire de musique, Arras

Typology Public Amenities

Location Arras

Year of delivery 2016

Architect Jean-Patrice Goidin

Rabot Dutilleul Construction


Rabot Dutilleul Construction carried out the all trades renovation of the former Hospice Saint Pierre in Arras, which involved its transformation into a music conservatory. The rigid 12-month deadline called for highly optimised phasing of the works, which mobilised up to 70 master builders working simultaneously on site. One of this project’s main concerns was the acoustics of the building, which had to ensure the perfect inward sound insulation between each room and the outward sound insulation of the entire building. 

Client and owner: City of Arras





Conservatoire de musique, Arras Conservatoire de musique, Arras

Key features

  • Building renovation subject to the agreement of the official French state architectural review board
  • 4,500 sq. m.
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