Le Madison, Nacarat

Typology Residential

Location Chessy

Year of delivery 2018

Architect Urbanita Architecte

Habitat & Environnement



Developed by Nacarat, Le Madison is a housing complex with 47 homes located in the Disney studios quarter of Val d’Europe-Chessy east of Paris. This 3,640 sq. m. programme asserts its identity by means of an Art-Déco style. It comprises a residential building with 47 apartments ranging from bedsitters to four-room flats, six private villas connected by footpaths and two stores. At the heart of this complex lies a central garden. The attraction of the villas is enhanced by the fact that their interior opens out on to private gardens with terraces and a solarium.



Photos : ©Daniel Moulienet

Le Madison, Nacarat Le Madison, Nacarat

Key features

  • 47 apartments
  • 3600 sq.m.
  • 6 houses
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