Lycée Le Chesnois, Bains les Bains

Typology Education

Location Bains-les-Bains (88)

Year of delivery 2014

Architect TOA Architectes

BBC low energy building

Rabot Dutilleul Partenariats


Design, construction, financing and maintenance over 20 years of the Le Chesnois high-school in Bains-les-Bains. The project promoted by Rabot Dutilleul Partnerships, Atlante Management and Faceo Facility Management includes: a 170-place boarding school, a day school; workshops; sports facilities and the renovation of a house built in the 19th century.



Pictures ©Laurent Basse


Lycée Le Chesnois, Bains les Bains Lycée Le Chesnois, Bains les Bains

Key features

  • High-school capacity: 300 pupils
  • 11,500 sq. m.
  • Central wood-fired boiler room and greened (planted) roofing
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