Rénovation EnergieSprong, Hem, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Typology Residential

Location Hem

Year of delivery 2018

Architect RedCat

Rabot Dutilleul Construction


Rabot Dutilleul Construction has built the first EnergieSprong demonstrator in France. This renovation project guarantees zero net energy consumption over 25 years of 10 individual rental housing units dating from the 1950s (i.e. these homes do not consume more energy than they produce). The works were carried out on an occupied site and involved the renovation of the kitchens and bathrooms, the retrofitting and upgrading of electrical installations, the introduction of photovoltaic panels on the roofs and external insulation using parts prefabricated off-site.


Owner: Vilogia

Consortium: Rabot Dutilleul Construction (owner's representative), Smart Module Concept, Symoe and Nortec (consulting engineers), Pouchain (operation-maintenance).

>> Watch the video of the construction work

Photos : © F. Cocatrix

Rénovation EnergieSprong, Hem, Rabot Dutilleul Construction Rénovation EnergieSprong, Hem, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Key features

  • Rénovation EnergieSprong
  • 10 logements individuels
  • projet pilote en France
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