EnergieSprong Wattrelos, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Typology Residential

Location Wattrelos

Year of delivery 2020

Architect RedCat

Rabot Dutilleul Construction


This project consists of renovating 160 homes built in the 1960s, focusing on: the insulation and air tightness of the façades and roofs; changes of external joinery; and replacement of kitchens and bathrooms. The façades and roofing will be manufactured off-site: the panels will be delivered with their insulation, waterproofing membrane, joinery, etc. and placed directly on the existing façades.

This is the third renovation project in France that uses the EnergieSprong approach, featuring: E=0 renovation (the homes do not use more energy than they produce); a 25-year warranty; works completed in a very short time (one to two weeks per home) and on occupied sites. Massification makes it possible considerably to reduce the cost of renovating homes.

Project owner: Vilogia

Consortium: Rabot Dutilleul Construction (lead company), Symoe and Nortec (technical design offices), Pouchain (operation-maintenance).

EnergieSprong Wattrelos, Rabot Dutilleul Construction EnergieSprong Wattrelos, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Key features

  • Renovation EnergieSprong E=0
  • Lean management
  • off-site building
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