Côté Docks, Le Havre

Typology Residential

Location Le Havre (76)

Year of delivery 2013

Architect Agence Philippe Dubus

BBC low energy building



Blending modernity with authenticcity, this housing scheme made of untreated concrete and metal cladding evokes the neighbourhood’s industrial past. Developed by Nacarat, Côté Docks features various types of housing organised around a central garden, which provides the inhabitants with a convivial atmosphere.


Pictures ©Sergio Grazia

Côté Docks, Le Havre Côté Docks, Le Havre

Key features

  • 11,700 sq. m. of usable floor space
  • 65 homes, from studio apartments to 4 bedroom flats
  • GRDF award at the FPI Normandie Pyramides d’Argent competition
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