20 Boétie, Paris

Typology Commercial

Location Paris (75)

Year of delivery 2014

Architect 2/3/4/ Architecture

NF HQE® Commercial BuildingsBBC low energy building Effinergie Renovation



Located in the Central Business District, this office building completed in 1878 combines historic facades with contemporary glass components. The 20 Boétie building was redesigned by Nacarat to fulfil the Grenelle Environment Forum’s ambitions, and entirely restructured to create a new building featuring: high performance insulation; a roof system; reversible heat pumps; optimisation of energy management via centralised technical management of the building; rain water collecting; greening of the inner courtyard, terraces and roof terraces. Investor: Monceau Assurances

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Pictures ©Yves Soulabaille

20 Boétie, Paris 20 Boétie, Paris

Key features

  • 3,300 sq. m. of usable floor space
  • 221 work stations
  • Nominated for the 2015 Green Building Solutions Awards
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