Rabot dutilleul construction
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Since 1920, our ambition has focused on building and construction. To this end, we have adapted to the changes in this sector by providing training in new trades and choosing to work closely with new partners to provide comprehensive offerings based on full mastery of the property value chain and on genuine anticipation of new uses.
Today, we rely on lean management and industrialisation to optimise our project deadlines. We offer innovative financial and legal packages. Our teams and in-house design and engineering offices are recognised as finders of high-performance solutions. Our employees are trained in eco-design and our worksites are connected and certified as HQE (High Environmental Quality).

In short, we have all it takes to bring out the best in your projects!

Thierry Geffroy,
General Manager, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

A comprehensive offering

  • Assistance with project ownership
  • Development of real estate/property projects
  • Public procurement contracts (MPGP, CREM)
  • Customised solutions
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Renovation, rehabilitation
  • Upgrading, change of use
  • Property-related works & support services

The Rabot Dutilleul Construction company and its affiliates are organised so as to master the entire property value chain including its new uses and meet the challenges facing its clients.

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A few figures

€233M Revenues in 2018

850Employees as at 31/12/2019

Orders outstanding represent22 MONTHS OF BUSINESS

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