Works supervisor

Louis, works supervisor at Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Louis, conducteur de travaux chez Rabot Dutilleul Construction

« Being a works supervisor is a rewarding, exciting and fascinating job! 

Our daily routine is centred on a single goal: ensuring the smooth running of the worksite. This entails many responsibilities. First, human responsibility: the people who work on the site, the works accomplished and the working conditions. But also the financial responsibility for the project, its planning and, above all, the responsibility for satisfying our customer. 

Careful thinking, anticipation and team management are our day-to-day concerns. The interpersonal dimension is vital, particularly active listening, the ability to work with people from all backgrounds who transit through the building-site (co-workers, subcontractors, suppliers, customers, etc.), and thus help us move towards the successful completion of the project.

We must also be curious, a force for making proposals, innovative, etc. because these qualities help generate added value and optimise the execution of the project entrusted to us! »



Works supervisors organise and supervise the building sites entrusted to them, from the preliminary project phase to its delivery. Throughout the projects, the works supervisors manage teams of co-workers and of various suppliers and subcontractors. They guarantee the availability of necessary technical and financial means on the building sites. They are responsible for meeting the agreed deadlines and for ensuring compliance with all the safety and security rules. 

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