Sales and marketing manager

Marc, sales and marketing manager

Marc, responsable commercial chez Nacarat
«Sales and marketing manager is both an office job and a field job. It’s rewarding and dynamic, and requires strong sales, technical, legal and financial skills.

The interpersonal dimension represents an important part of the job, featuring the management of a network of wealth and asset management consultants, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, direct relationships with clients whom we support throughout their property project(s), from the first contact to the delivery of the final product or service, and even beyond. Understanding the clients’ projects is very important, including their motivations, how they live and would like to live, sometimes helping them to get access to property ownership; or finding tax solutions for investors. So, in this job, every day you get to meet a great variety of people!

The job requires being interested in new sales and marketing tools and using them, always being at the source of the information so as to react faster than competitors, to keep watch over new developments , etc.
At Nacarat, I particularly appreciate the teamwork and the autonomy that allows me to fulfil my long- and mid-term goals.»



Sales and marketing managers, in compliance with Nacarat’s values and goals, are responsible for pre-commercialising and commercialising property construction programmes, whether they are in progress or completed.
They act as links between the buyers and/or their agents and Nacarat, before and during the acquisition process until the signature of a reservation contract. Along with the customer relationship managers, the sales and marketing managers support their clients until the signing of the notarial deeds. In some branches, they also manage the sales networks.

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