Programme manager

Rose-Marie, programme manager at Nacarat

Rose-Marie, responsable de programmes chez Nacarat
« Being a programme manager is a little like being an orchestra conductor: it involves the coordination of several internal and external players mobilised to design and complete projects.
It is a very practical job, but also rewarding in terms of meeting people. To manage projects you need: versatility, a sense of organisation and good interpersonal skills. It is also a varied job, thanks to a great diversity of fascinating topics to address, on small but also large projects. »



Programme Managers are responsible for arranging the real estate or property deals (residential, service-related, commercial, etc.) entrusted to them. They are notably responsible for all the technical, commercial, administrative, legal and financial aspects of the deals. They design and arrange the components of the deals, ensure the coordination and supervision of the construction programmes from the land acquisition stage to the final delivery to the client. This is carried out in partnership with the internal departments (financial, legal, customer relations, after-sales service support, etc.) and external partners (municipalities, architects, engineering and control offices, businesses, etc.). They ensure the proper marketing of the programmes and the quality of the customer experience. They guarantee compliance with the works schedule and the generation of expected revenues and profit margins.




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