Head of synthesis group

Ludovic, synthesis group head at Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Ludovic, chef de groupe synthèse

« The engineering and design office (all trades) liaises with the building site! 

We intervene in the design and implementation phase to coordinate different areas of activity, i.e. the technical and architectural lots (façade, roof, interior details, etc.); we check the regulatory aspects (fire protection standards, access for disabled people, etc.); and we construct the under-paving networks. Our aim: to detect and resolve conflicting issues and propose suitable optimisation solutions! 

To be as close as possible to the execution of the works, full-time assignments are carried-out on site. This also allows us to develop the use of BIM and to refine the user protocols of the digital models, the aim being, first, to identify the project’s constraints from the design stage to the maintenance file of executed work and, second, to use the BIM on the building site in order to enable the teams to visualise what they are going to build. »



The heads of synthesis groups manage and monitor (qualitatively and budget-wise) their teams’ work. They participate with their teams in the design and execution studies to ensure the successful execution of the works.

During the study and construction phases, the experts in all trades analyse and check the contractors’ plans/drawings to optimise the performance levels of Rabot Dutilleul Construction.

During the preliminary project study phase, the written material and blueprints are reviewed, quick regulatory audits are carried out, cuttings of basic plans of networks and architectural details are produced.

During the execution phase, advanced regulatory audits are carried out; blueprints of under-paving networks are produced; the graphics charter is drawn up; sub-contractor studies are examined; blueprints and details of synoptic overviews are prepared; plans and synoptic details are validated; contracts are signed with the various stakeholders; exchanges with the subcontractors are organised; and information is regularly disseminated. 

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