Head of building user involvement

Amandine, head of building user involvement at Nacarat

Amandine, responsable de la maîtrise d'usage chez Nacarat

 “I'm a member of the ShAKe team in the Nacarat branch office in the Hauts-de-France region. The crucial issue at stake regarding this 30,000-sq. m. multifunctional service sector development in the heart of Lille is how to meet the needs of 12 different kinds of uses, ranging from the provision of concierge services to upmarket catering (a panoramic restaurant).

The ‘design thinking’ approach makes the concept of user involvement in building design very meaningful because this new co-designing methodology puts the user at the heart of the property development project. User involvement becomes a key component of the project on an equal footing with owner involvement in charge of the inception and completion of the project and project manager involvement responsible for the architectural and technical design.

My role is to translate the needs of the future building users into technical construction programmes for the project owners and managers. This proactive approach to the design phase ensures that the completed development will ultimately optimise the occupancy of the development. Indeed, our task is not simply to sell property, but above all to deliver what we promised in our competitive bid to guarantee the durability of the finished project in use, while at the same time ensuring its long-term profitability. This is the true value added of getting the future users proactively involved in the property development!”

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