Development manager

Lug, development manager at Nacarat

Lug, Responsable de programmes chez Nacarat
« Development manager is both a job and a passion!

Negotiating characterises most of our exchanges and it’s a pleasure because the profiles of our interlocutors are very varied, some being from the private sector (institutional investors, industrial entrepreneurs, large private family businesses, etc.), and others from the public sector (local government officers, urban development and planning specialists, etc.). Versatility is an asset, notably for executing preliminary technical, legal, sales, urban and financial studies, because our work covers many different sectors.

Each project is unique! Like a new challenge to face, it is important to put together a productive team of experts who will find THE most appropriate solution. And, later, when the project begins, what a satisfaction it is to know that we have contributed to the development of the city of tomorrow! »



Development managers detect, prospect and analyse opportunities for making land deals or for arranging complex financial transactions relating to property deals. They analyse a project’s environment and study its feasibility thanks to competitive or market studies. They develop and maintain links with networks of key local players and prescribers. Development managers negotiate land management deals and participate in the preliminary arranging of property deals: drawing up budget estimates, negotiating the terms and conditions for ownership or use of land, forming teams of partners, drafting detailed replies to questions or call-for-tender bids, etc.


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