Business manager

Laure, business manager at Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Laure, chargée d'affaires chez Rabot Dutilleul Construction

« A business manager’s job is very varied! It comprises two main tasks: first, prospecting for new business; and second, project management focused on the study phase of responses to calls for tenders.

A key factor of business development is the network of partners you build up. Equally important is market knowledge, notably awareness of ongoing or future projects in the geographical area you cover. The aim is to target as well as possible the needs that best match our corporate know-how.

The duration of the study phase varies from one project to another, ranging from a few weeks when bidding for conventional works to over six months when bidding for a design-and-build project. We deal with numerous and diverse projects. In each case, we delve into the context to take ownership of it and truly understand the customer’s need and then draw up an offer that matches the project’s challenges. Each time, this provides a new opportunity for meeting people and having great experiences! »



A business manager supports the company’s business development in each geographical area and on certain markets (private developments, industrial facilities, public amenities, renovation works, etc.), in line with the company’s strategic ambitions and profitability requirements.

He/she prospects for new business by developing the sales network, helping to detect future calls for tender, being actively vigilant and participating in promoting the company’s know-how…

He/she manages projects by a whole series of actions, namely: identifying projects worth studying; analysing any graphics and written documents sent by the client; studying the feasibility of projects; helping to assess the required internal and external human resources (design office, architects); formalising business propositions (including the technical and financial aspects); interfacing with all the stakeholders until the project is delivered; and ensuring that all commitments made are respected.

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