BIM designer

Jean-Bernard, assistant BIM designer at Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Jean-Bernard Brunet, assistant concepteur BIM
« After my internship as a design draughtsman at Rabot Dutilleul Construction, I was given the opportunity for the construction of the Valenciennes Scientific and Technical Institute (ISTV) to continue as an assistant BIM designer on a work-study contract by registering for the new Master’s degree course in collaborative digital engineering.  

The BIM designer profession connects the technical skills of the building sector with information technology, an up-and-coming line of business! To develop the BIM approach and the use of digital modelling in a corporate environment, it’s necessary to focus on the needs of each department, and obviously of the design offices, but also of worksites.             

It's an innovative and exciting profession, which requires constant monitoring of technological changes in order to keep abreast of newly available applications (3D visualisation, augmented reality, etc.)»




At Rabot Dutilleul Construction, BIM designers also contribute to the development of digital modelling.

BIM designers represent their firm at inter-company digital modelling meetings, lead joint working groups and think-tanks while also directing group production to propose operational developments. They share their know-how by supporting and training their colleagues and by representing their company on digital modelling issues with respect to the partners involved (institutions, schools, professional bodies, etc.).  

BIM designers helps create a common BIM language that allows all corporate departments to take full ownership of digital modelling.

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