Stéphanie commits herself to a "Great Place To Work"

Stéphanie commits herself to a "Great Place To Work"

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Stéphanie s'engage pour Great Place To Work


« A few months after my arrival, Group headquarters launched the Great Place to Work initiative.” 

Following the presentation of the results of the survey (by the Great Place to Work® Institute), I wanted to become an "ambassador". So, with four other colleagues from various departments, I participated in the launch of this corporate project, which aims to improve people’s well-being and quality of life at work. This long-term commitment is an opportunity for me to get to know my colleagues better, be better integrated in the company, and contribute new ideas based on my previous experiences.

It gives staff members an opportunity to become conscious actors of the change in their work environment! At every steering committee meeting, I’m pleased to see them take ownership of the project and work actively towards taking concrete actions. »


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