Saida is integrating new staff

Saïda is integrating new staff

#conviviality #sharing

Saida intègre les nouveaux collaborateurs


« Three times a year, I organise a welcome day for new Group staff (executives and non-executives). Each session allows 20-25 staff members to meet up in Lille at our headquarters.

In the morning, after being welcomed by General Management, they discover the Group, its history and the activities of its subsidiaries, introduce themselves and get acquainted. In the afternoon, I take them to visit a worksite or a property development-construction project. It’s a day of sharing, a friendly moment!

At the end of the day, staff members share their impressions since joining the company. During each seminar, the key words that keep coming back are "conviviality" "accessibility of managers" "scope and complexity of projects" "autonomy" "trust" "innovation" "human dimension", etc. »

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