Manuel co-builds the offices of tomorrow

Manuel co-builds the offices of tomorrow

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Manuel co-construit les bureaux de demain

« At Nacarat, we’ve gone beyond simply focusing on the number of square metres to be developed and are now designing office buildings as the property component of the corporate business plan. 
We adopt a comprehensive participatory approach that puts people at the heart of property projects, thanks to which we’ve recently won a major project. With 25 partners, we drew up a complete service offering, even before choosing the architect!

We identified the needs of the project’s stakeholders and of neighbouring businesses already located in the area through collaborative exchanges beforehand. The range of services was designed to meet these needs and determined the arrangement of the building volumes, with a view to focusing on key functions. 

Co-working spaces, a start-up incubator, catering facilities, concierge services, a fitness room, a nursery, urban agriculture, smartphone applications for the dynamic management of spaces or the sharing of parking spaces, etc. 4,000 sq. m. will be reserved for services in this innovative 30,000-sq. m. building. This is the first time that shared spaces play such an important role in a company’s headquarters! »


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