When co-design and uses meet!

The commercial property sector is continuing its process of change. For businesses keen to enhance their attractiveness, it poses a crucial strategic challenge: how to ensure the well-being of the environment and its occupants. In line with new market expectations and its co-design approach, Rabot Dutilleul is deploying its expertise and innovativeness to completely rethink your work spaces in a spirit of respect for the environment and for the needs of its occupants.


Focusing on the logic of the efficient design of functions, our clients aim more and more to provide all their stakeholders with solutions. Thus, a corporate headquarters building in an urban environment can provide workspaces, a food court, shops, a fitness room, a creche, a concierge service, etc. All these functions are designed to meet the needs of various categories of users: employees, self-employed professionals, local inhabitants, children, parents, etc.

In Euralille, the ShaKe building will be a forerunner in the field of innovative offices and workspaces: it features a genuine ecosystem that makes a point of integrating the future users into the development thinking to ensure that the integrated services perfectly meet their needs.


For a multifunctional building to be successful, its various uses must be studied right from the design stage. The goal is to ensure that all its uses can be combined harmoniously to provide its inhabitants with the desired comfort and well-being. The mastering uses function relies on a design thinking approach which emerges as an obvious part of a process of project co-development with the users right from the design phase. This makes it possible to incorporate their needs into the technical programming in close collaboration with the owner’s team and the project management team.

Read the testimony of Amandine Chizelle, Head of the Mastering Uses Function at Nacarat, by clicking here

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