Shared internship : Monday to Thursday in company and Friday in a non-profit organisation

In partnership with the Vendredi start-up company, Rabot Dutilleul invites its trainees to share their time between the business and a non-profit organisation.

This is a first within the construction group: since July 2017, Clara Noetinger, a young student from ESSEC business school, has been sharing her time between Rabot Dutilleul, where she is doing an internship as a sustainable development task officer, and la Cravate Solidaire, a non-profit organisation that provides professional coaching in how to pass job interviews. Rabot Dutilleul sees shared internships as opportunities to attract new talent and to reinforce its societal commitment through skill-based corporate philanthropy.


The shared internship concept involves dedicating the first four working days in a week to Rabot Dutilleul and the fifth day to a non-profit organisation working in the general interest. This innovative approach was launched by the Vendredi start-up company. The Rabot Dutilleul construction group has been quick to adopt this approach in its work placement recruitment process. Since July 2017, in addition to the tasks she carries out for Rabot Dutilleul, Clara Noetinger spends one working day a week on the premises of La Cravate Solidaire, where she monitors the people who have benefited from professional coaching. This enables her to develop new skills and to understand the differences between the way a large enterprise operates compared with a non-profit organisation.

Clara, stage partagé, Vendredi, la Cravate Solidaire

"I had been hesitating a lot between a work placement 100% performed in a business and one 100% performed in a non-profit organisation. This shared work placement has enabled me to combine the two, which has been very rewarding in terms of dealing with a great variety of issues and of committing myself."


Shared internships are also in the interests of Rabot Dutilleul. First, it gives the company an extra means of supporting local non-profit organisations (which it has already been doing for a long time) by providing skill-based sponsorship. Second, this mechanism provides a big advantage for recruiting trainees. "It enables us to attract candidates with different profiles capable of acting independently and of proposing solutions. Finally, our goal is to foster their personal development through this dual experience," explains Saida Mejjouti, HR development project manager and Head of relations with schools and educational institutions.
Although Clara Noetinger is the first student to do a shared internship within the company, Rabot Dutilleul wishes to develop this mechanism and will soon be making new work placement offers in partnership with the Vendredi start-up company.

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