Rabot Dutilleul forms a patnership with the Resolving platform

In January, Rabot Dutilleul and the Resolving platform (a digital accelerator for the real estate and construction industries) signed a partnership agreement to digitalise their building trades. This commitment marks a step further in the process of digitalising Rabot Dutilleul Construction’s projects and work sites while paving the way for the development of new technological solutions. 

As a major path to progress, the digital transition of tools and processes is inexorable. Rabot Dutilleul has undertaken this transformation for quite a few years by consulting the best experts in order to innovate, move forward and enter the era of “Ready to Service” buildings. For example, Rabot Dutilleul has set up a digital design office to provide advice and support ahead of projects. 

For certain projects, Rabot Dutilleul Construction already uses several technological solutions proposed by Resolving. To benefit even more from this partnership, the latest Resolving collaborative platform technologies will be deployed to meet all BIM requirements, worksite supervision needs, document management and QSE constraints, etc. However, the aim is also to generate value added for both partners by relying on their know-how to develop new solutions. This will enable Rabot Dutilleul to continue to innovate and give Resolving the opportunity to accelerate the development of digital tools at the service of the construction sector. 

“Following the Effipilot and Neo Eco projects, this partnership with Resolving continues to develop the group’s skills platform. By sharing our experience, we’ll be able to provide our clients with an ever more comprehensive and relevant offering, at a time when our trade is being durably transformed by digitalisation,” says François Dutilleul, the Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul. 

“We’re delighted to extend our collaboration with Rabot Dutilleul, a first-class business partner, and to strongly support its very deliberate policy of digitalising its business processes. This partnership will enable us to strengthen the group’s General Management and teams by deploying our solutions from upstream to downstream at all stages of the design/construction/operation/deconstruction process,” says Cyriaque Rios, the Chairman of Resolving. 

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