Rabot Dutilleul Construction turns its head office into a showcase for its know-how

In 2015, Rabot Dutilleul Construction placed its expertise at the service of the energy refurbishment of its head office in Wasquehal (59). This vast project to refurbish a busy site while still in use was completed in June 2016, by which time it had become a showcase for the company’s know-how and ability to rise to the challenges of the energy transition in the construction industry.

Energy efficiency in the over 4,000 sq. m. building was improved to enhance the comfort of the 200 staff members who work there and to contribute to the energy transition process. Ambitious objectives were set: first, to reduce the building’s impact on the environment by halving its CO2 emissions and dividing its energy consumption by 2.6; and second, to qualify for the low energy (BBC*) quality label awarded to refurbished service sector buildings. The works mainly consisted of improving the quality of indoor air, optimising lighting in the offices and improving thermal and acoustic comfort. To carry out these works successfully, Rabot Dutilleul Construction fully exploited not only the skills of its in-house design department, but also the know-how of specialists such as Pouchain, an expert in the energy efficiency of buildings.

Siège de Rabot Dutilleul Construction, vitrine de son savoir-faire

Rabot Dutilleul Construction invites visitors to explore its refurbished head office site by following an educational trail designed with the help of a start-up called “Ouvert” (Open). In addition to improvements in terms of energy efficiency (solar chimney, condensation gas boilers, LED lighting, sound-absorbing baffles, etc.), visitors will discover a wild roof with beehives, which helps reintegrate biodiversity into the urban environment.

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