Rabot Dutilleul Construction certified as exemplary in eco-design

An assessment by AFNOR Certification recognises Rabot Dutilleul Construction’s maturity in terms of eco-design by awarding it an exemplary level of achievement. A first for a French company.

At Rabot Dutilleul Construction, eco-design is practised right from the start of a project. With the ASAP software developed in-house by the Rabot Dutilleul Group, the sales and pricing teams have a tool that identifies the sustainable development challenges in the construction sector. During the assessment by AFNOR at Rabot Dutilleul Construction in September 2016, the ASAP tool was at the heart of the discussions, which focused on four themes: the responsibility of general management, project management, the implementation phase and feedback. Interviews with the training, sales and purchasing departments as well as with the design & build unit enabled the auditor to measure Rabot Dutilleul Construction’s involvement at all levels and its determination to provide clients with the most sustainable and ecologically responsible solutions.

Two days and around 100 questions later, the AFNOR representative awarded Rabot Dutilleul Construction a 775/1000 rating, corresponding to the exemplary level, the highest possible level of the assessment, making Rabot Dutilleul Construction the first French company to meet the highest level of certification! “The result of this audit rewarded an approach we’ve implemented for several years aimed at minimising the ecological footprint of our activity”, says Gilles Dupont, the Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul Construction. “When applied to design and build markets, eco-design makes sense. We’re capable of offering a comprehensive environmental approach to building owners’ projects to add ever more value to them,” explains Gilles Dupont. “Our clients have understood this and endorse this environmental approach. Today, we’re among the leaders of design and build projects, as shown by our recent commercial success stories. The Terrasses de la Falaise, Habitat du Littoral and Vilogia Logis 62 developments in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the city of Lille’s central kitchen (59) or the Aren’Ice development for the Agglomeration Community of Cergy Pontoise (95) perfectly illustrate our know-how in terms of eco-design.”

ASAP: As Sustainable As Possible

AFNOR: French Standardisation (NORmalisation) Association

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