Rabot Dutilleul and effiPilot sign a partnership agreement

On Tuesday 20th February 2018, François Dutilleul, Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul, and Jean-Thibaut Gay, Chairman of effiPilot, signed a partnership agreement to structure and strengthen their collaboration.
Objective: the joint development of high value-added offerings that enable clients to meet the challenges of higher energy performance of buildings in France.

Specialised in the management of energy efficiency in service sector buildings, the effiPilot start-up company based in Lille’s EuraTechnologies business park was spotted in 2014 by Rabot Dutilleul. The construction company then supported effiPilot’s development on the market for new-build projects and included the start-up’s solutions in several of its own projects in the Lille metropolitan area, namely: “Urbawood”, which is home to the first ADICODE® space developed by the HEI ISA ISEN Group; the Décathlon warehouse in Lompret; and the Le Doge’ building recently inaugurated in EuraTechnologies.

Today, the two businesses want to structure their relationship and jointly develop high value-added offerings for their clients, be they property owners, managers, operators or users, from the design stage to the operational project implementation stage. This initiative also provides Rabot Dutilleul with an opportunity to change its partnership ecosystem and to start creating a skills and expertise platform.

“This partnership is totally consistent with our Group’s strategy. It enables us to provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet their need to enhance the energy efficiency of their buildings,” says François Dutilleul, Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul.

“Thanks to this partnership, we’re going to increase our presence on the market by making more systematic use of our solutions,” says Jean-Thibaut Gay, Chairman of effiPilot.

Signed on 20th February 2018, the agreement sets out the common ambition and collaboration commitments of each of the partners and specifies the possible synergies that could be generated by this partnership and stipulates its leadership methods.

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About Rabot Dutilleul

As a family-owned independent and international property development and building construction company, Rabot Dutilleul has become one of the top 10 players in the French construction industry.
Established in 1920, Rabot Dutilleul has developed skills in complementary business lines related to the world of building construction, thereby completely mastering the entire property value chain. It fosters values based on the collective outperformance of its 1,500 employees and on establishing lasting relationships with its partners. It operates in France, Germany and Poland. The company is 85% owned by the Dutilleul family and 15% owned by its employees.

About effiPilot

As an independent publisher of software programs, effiPilot designs and implements turnkey solutions for managing energy in corporate and local community buildings.
Established in 2011, effiPilot has developed its expertise in two areas: digital technology (data, artificial intelligence) and interconnected buildings. Based in the EuraTechnologies business park in Lille where it works with the local ecosystem, effiPilot manages energy in buildings across France (in cities such as Lille, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Angoulême, Nantes, etc.). Its 15 employees are totally at the service of protecting planet earth by promoting energy-efficient buildings.

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