The PERUNIDAD student association wins the Rabot Dutilleul RD BOOST 2018 challenge

On Thursday 31st May, at the 2nd edition of “RD BOOST”, the competition organised by Rabot Dutilleul to help student associations finance themselves, two projects were rewarded: “NAFE” and “ENAC’TOGO”.

Students have a wealth of ideas to brighten everyday life or to change the world, including artistic, inclusive, humanitarian and ecological projects! To support these innovative projects or associations, last January Rabot Dutilleul launch the 2nd edition of “RD BOOST”, a competition open to all the students from the schools and universities that partner Rabot Dutilleul. At stake? €3,500 to be shared between two student associations.


Altogether, 24 exciting projects were submitted and 10 short-listed to defend themselves and try to win one of the two prizes: €2,500 for the “RD BOOST prize” and €1,000 for the “Jury’s Favourite Prize”. The finalists came together on Thursday 31st May at the WAAO (the Lille architecture and urban planning centre) to pitch their projects in less than 10 minutes (including questions/answers) and convince our Jury.


> RD BOOST 2018 PRIZE: The “Nafe” project submitted by the PERUNIDAD association.
Thanks to its cultural, entrepreneurial and socially responsible qualities, the “NAFE” project submitted by the Perunidad association won the “RD BOOST 2018” Prize (€2,500). The members of the Jury, who were very impressed, congratulated the two students from CentraleSupélec school for “their solid, sustainable and brilliantly presented project to provide educational support to Peruvian children and raise their awareness of sustainable development”, explains Saïda Mejjouti, head of HR development projects and relations with school at Rabot Dutilleul.

Here is the on-the-spot reaction of Célia, one of the members of the association:


> Jury’s Favourite Prize 2018: “Enac’togo” by the ENACTUS association
The Jury’s Favourite Prize (€1,000) was awarded to the ENAC’TOGO project presented by four students from Science-Po Lille. The members of the association will be flying to Togo in a few weeks to build a community centre to foster access to education and culture. The Jury was bowled over by the quality of the project, the excellence of the students’ pitch and, above all, by the future potential of the project: everything has been done to ensure that the community centre is ready to operate and self-finance itself completely within three years!

A short presentation of the project by the students of Science Po Lille:


Congratulations to the winners and kudos to the associations that participated in the RD BOOST challenge:
Baobab (HEI), Toss (CentraleSupélec), Impulso (IESEG), Apartés (CentraleSupélec), Cheer-up (CentraleSupélec), Pour l’avenir d’un petit loup (CentraleSupélec), Africa Unite (CentraleSupélec), Les Castors Solidaires (ESITC Metz/Caen/ Paris), HandiFac (Univsité Lille 1), Archibal Festival (ENSAP Bordeaux), Bureau des Arts (Centrale Supélec), Campus Market (HEI), Club Voile (EDHEC), Construisons pour Madagascar (HEI), Espérance en béton (Centrale Supélec), Juniors ((ESITC Metz/Caen/ Paris), Pause Culture (Université Catholique de Lille), Pulse (Polytech’Lille), Rowing Cup (HEI), SHEIppers (HEI), Solicare (HEI), Talons Aiguilles (EDHEC), Raid CentraleSupélec.



For over 10 years, Rabot Dutilleul has sponsored student associations. But the choice of associations to support is becoming more and more difficult because of the large number of solicitations. Therefore, in 2015, to decide between the candidates, the Group launched the RD BOOST challenge. By organising this competition, Rabot Dutilleul gives financial support to an association or an innovative and meaningful project developed by students from schools that are the partners of Rabot Dutilleul.

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