The "Opheiration Benin" project wins the RD Boost challenge

The "OpHEIration Benin" project won the "RD BOOST – the helping hand for student associations" challenge organised by Rabot Dutilleul.

Ten plans to create associations nominated, seven schools represented (HEI, ESTP, EDHEC, Sciences Po Lille, University of Lille 1, ICAM, ITEEM) and a €2,500 cheque to be won.

On Wednesday 20th May 2015, twenty highly-motivated students attended a meeting at the Rabot Dutilleul group head office in Lille to passionately defend their planned association or the cultural, social or sports projects close to their hearts.


Participants au challenge étudiant RD Boost


“The 10 nominated projects were very interesting; all the students deserved to win. The choice was difficult. The jury chose to award the RD BOOST 2015 prize to the solidarity-in-action project called “OpHEIration Benin”. This project to convert a former maternity hospital into a nutrition centre in Benin best matched the criteria of the challenge and of the Rabot Dutilleul group’s CSR policy,” confides Saïda Mejjouti, head of School Relationships in the Rabot Dutilleul group, who initiated the organisation of the RD BOOST challenge.

In addition to the €2,500 offered by the Group, Quentin Marteau (a structural engineer at Rabot Dutilleul Construction and a member of the jury) will be placing his skills at the service of the nine HEI students who are promoting the project. He will consider the renovation quotes with a critical eye. He will also advise the students, to ensure that the renovation project to create the nutrition centre in the Zé municipality, scheduled for this summer, is conducted as well as possible.

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