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How can we reconcile nature and worksites? On Monday 8th April, on the premises of the FFB* in Paris, Rabot Dutilleul Construction, EGF-BTP and the LPO** launched the Worksite Biodiveristy Guide. The launch of this new publication was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Works and of all the partners involved in writing the guide book: Nord Nature Chico Mendès, EPF, Cerema and major French construction companies.  

During the launch event, Rabot Dutilleul Construction reviewed the inception of this project, which it had initiated, and the dynamics driving the group of motivated players who succeeded in sustaining it over many years. The rest of the event led by the LPO was dedicated to the topic of nature and worksites, with numerous testimonies and much feedback, notably examples provided by us! 


It all began in 2015 when a small tight-knit group of people with complementary skills showed their determination to take a step further. This group included Guillaume Lemoine, an ecologist at the Hauts-de-France Public Land-Management Corporation, the Nord Nature Chico Mendes NGO, the LPO’s U2B Club and Rabot Dutilleul Construction. They had to address the following question: we know what has to be done to strengthen urban biodiversity during the design phase; but what action should be taken to preserve the fauna and flora during the construction phase? One year later, the result of the group’s in-depth thinking emerged, focused on a single objective: to produce a practical document to ensure that the construction companies know what they have to do to enhance biodiversity on their worksites.

Taking biodiversity into account is one of the fundamental commitments of the CSR Pact signed by EGF BTP, the trade association that represents general contractors. It therefore wished to finance the publication of this guidebook. Very soon, other general contractors including some major players joined the movement. Numerous work sessions were held during which testimonials and feedback were exchanged in order to identify and establish the best practices.

Hence, today’s publication of this precious guidebook! It sets out to be useful and thus comprises a short introduction to biodiversity and 11 very practical factsheets. It is intended first of all for worksite employees of general contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers. It also aims to raise awareness of best practices in biodiversity risk management across the entire construction sector.

Guide Biodiversité et Chantiers, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

>> Discover the Worksite Biodiversity Guidebook

>> Video (LPO): how to preserve diversity during the construction phase?


*French building federation

**French bird protection league

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