Nacarat presents "ShaKe", a future service sector ecosystem at the heart of Euralille

ShaKe, the project that won the bidding for lot 10.6 in Euralille, is a property complex designed for SHARING service sector WORK.

Developed by Nacarat and designed by the architectural and urban development agency PCA-STREAM, this 30,000+ sq. m. building will notably accommodate the future regional headquarters of the Caisse d’Epargne savings bank in the Hauts-de-France region, which has had a stake in the project since its origins. Its design results from in-depth reflection on modern changes to work spaces located in a place that combines City and Nature, Economic and Social Life, Work and Leisure.

Other stakeholders, such as Euratechnologies, Spaces and Vitamine T, also participated in the design of the building. This co-construction work has resulted in a unique ecosystem mixing offices, services, hotels, restaurants, day nurseries, fitness centres, co-working spaces, a business incubator and urban agriculture. The aim is the development of a multi-dimensional project for the economy, the use and the future of Lille metropolitan area that provides hybrid work spaces conducive to meetings of minds, flexible practices and creative synergies. 

ShAKe, Euralille


ShaKe is a unique property complex and a real laboratory for the offices of the future. It exists in response to the current upheavals in work spaces resulting from three major societal trends: the interpenetration of professional and private life; the transition from a logic of property ownership to one of property use and sharing; and the development of the concepts of community and the collaborative economy. 

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