As a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance, Rabot Dutilleul contributes to the development of the Smart Building sector

What does the expression “Smart City” mean to you? It is the smart and sustainable city of the future, in which we expect buildings to meet our collective and individual needs by providing a broad range of suitable and evolving services. This is a major challenge for all players in the building sector. Hence Rabot Dutilleul’s decision to join the Smart Building Alliance (SBA) along with over 250 organisations that represent all the trades relating to the building sector and to Smart City players.

The SBA’s aim is to enable industrialists, service companies, design offices, architects, builders, developers, planners, innovative start-ups, etc. to help develop the Smart Buildings sector, thereby raising the value of buildings for the benefit of all stakeholders: owners, users and local authorities.

Its role is to structure the market by mutualising the skills and know-how of SBA members. In fact, for the moment, smart buildings form an essentially opportunistic market on which most solutions are not interoperable: i.e. solutions are reinvented and developed on every occasion; the owner finds it difficult to implement a comprehensive solution because there is no one-stop shop to which people can turn... 

As a member of the Hauts de France SBA, Rabot Dutilleul, represented by Laurent Dasnoy, a member of the smart city project commission set up for elected officials, has participated in establishing the quality repository known as the “reférentiel R2S: Ready to Services*”, designed specifically for project owners (clients) and project managers. This quality repository provides a reference framework for drawing up the technical specifications for the “smart lot” to be included in Smart Building projects.

*R2S is a trademark registered by the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities

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