Lille 3000 : Rabot Dutilleul supports the Eldorado event

The Lille3000 ELDORADO cultural season kicked off on Saturday, 27th April in Lille. Rabot Dutilleul is a sponsor of this new edition, which honours Mexico this year.​

Since 2004, Rabot Dutilleul has supported the various themes of the Lille3000 programme: the tulips of Shangri-La (now the symbol of the Euralille neighbourhood), elephants (Bombayser de Lille in 2006), angels and demons (Europe XXL in 2009), the upside-down house (Fantastic in 2012), the Renaissance in 2015... and this year, Eldorado.

The concrete bases of the “alebrijes”, the gigantic papier mâché animals on show in Faidherbe street, were made by Rabot Dutilleul Construction as part of its skills-based sponsorship of the event.​

One of the “alebrijes” is visible at the entrance to the Piscine (swimming-pool) museum in Roubaix (recently renovated and enlarged by Rabot Dutilleul Construction).


Eldorado event: from 27th April to 1st December 2019 across the whole of the Lille Metropolitan area. Opening parade on Saturday 4th May at 7.30 pm. 

For more information on the complete programme, go to:

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