Lille 2020: Rabot Dutilleul contributes to creating dynamic momentum around design

After Taipei in 2016 and Mexico City in 2018, Lille Metropole will be the Capital of Design in 2020. Along with numerous other French regional economic stakeholders, Rabot Dutilleul supported the candidacy of the Lille European Metropolis (LEM), which is the first French metropolitan area to be awarded the Capital of Design distinction by the World Design Organisation.


A multidisciplinary creative process, design observes people's postures, habits and behaviours with a view to proposing solutions that make day-to-day life easier and meet certain needs. As design can give companies competitive advantages, it also contributes to a country's economic, social, cultural and environmental development, not to forget the well-being of building users.


As indicated by its baseline "Wherever Life is Pleasant", Rabot Dutilleul has always shown its determination to provide clients with the best solutions in terms of comfort, beauty and usefulness. Covering the entire real estate value chain, Rabot Dutilleul incorporates design into its relationships with clients and prospects from well before the design phase to the delivery of the completed buildings. To strengthen its employees' ownership of this design-based approach, Rabot Dutilleul is preparing a strategic plan for 2018 which will put even more emphasis on this design-based perspective.

brike by Piks Designbriques à insectes sur Covent Garden


Here is a concrete example: the biodiversity concept was introduced into the Lille Covent Garden project right from the design stage as part of a "design thinking" approach, in conjunction with Nacarat property developer, the De Alzua+ architecture firm, the League for the Protection of Birds, the Briqueterie du Nord company and the PiKs Design agency. Thanks to this collaborative work at a very early stage of the project, bricks designed by PiKs Design were used during the construction phase which now host insects and birds.


vidéo biodiversité sur Covent Garden


Rabot Dutilleul believes in "design thinking". The company invites its employees to express their innovative ideas by using a participatory innovation platform. Before finding expression in new projects, ideas emerge and multiply through cross-fertilisation. In line with the spirit of "design thinking", Rabot Dutilleul studies the needs of building users and proposes innovative solutions to be incorporated right from the design phase of projects, often thanks to its proprietary eco-design tool called ASAP. For Rabot Dutilleul the ultimate purpose of design is the co-construction of solutions that enhance users' comfort and respect the environment.

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