Lean construction form the start of the design phase

The 12th April was the launch date of the Lean Construction approach (lean management applied to building and construction) to the EnergieSprong E=0 project for renovating 160 homes in Wattrelos.​

Benoît Haddag, the project manager, and his team are convinced that the success of this disruptive project depends on their ability to conceive and carry out each of its stages in different ways. This means they have to unlearn many things in order to innovate and find the most suitable solutions for this unique project, notably by learning lessons from industry.

Thus, for the first time, Rabot Dutilleul Construction deployed the lean construction approach right from the design phase in collaboration with all of the project’s stakeholders, i.e. its partners - Symoe, Nortec, Red Cat, Pouchain – but also Vilogia, the project owner, which is very committed, with all the companies concerned, to the search for a high overall performance level. The purpose of the launch day of this approach was to recognise the method’s value added, adapt it to the project, set objectives and unite the team members.

Lean management applied to the construction sector, also known as lean construction, makes for 360° project management involving all the stakeholders with a view to enhancing performance. The lean construction approach enables all project players to jointly draw up an optimised work schedule known to all. In the Rabot Dutilleul Group, the building and construction affiliates often use this method during the construction phase.

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