Green Solutions Awards 2017: Double jury mention for the logistics plateform designed by Gérim for Decathlon

On 7th September 2017 in the Paris City Hall, in the presence of over 200 candidates, partners and jury members, the “Construction 21” collaborative platform announced the names of the 12 French Green Building Solutions Award winners and 14 mentions. The Decathlon logistics warehouse designed by Gérim and built by Rabot Dutilleul Construction in Lompret (northern France) was awarded a mention by the jury in the “Low Carbon” and “Sustainable Construction Grand Prize” categories.

No fewer than seven juries made up of 37 construction and sustainable city experts assessed 79 French submissions sent over several months to the “Construction 21” web platform. The juries judged the submissions on their innovativeness, performance, cost effectiveness and reproducibility as buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructures that can be built and renovated differently. After having been mobilised during the summer, web users designated their national favourite. Construction sector professionals who were registered members of “Construction 21” also awarded a prize on behalf of the public. 


The Decathlon warehouse in Lompret (59) is a real example of the application of the circular economy concept to a building-site as part of a low-carbon project that saved natural resources and thus avoided the extraction of aggregates from quarries. The alternative aggregates used in one area were reused locally (in this case, crystallised aggregates from blast furnaces). The successful implementation of the project was notably due to the involvement of three regional players committed to various circular economy approaches and who decided to pool their strengths and skills, namely: the Gérim company, the Rabot Dutilleul Group’s general contractor and owner of the project, which wished to innovate as part of one of its contracts; the CB Group, a manufacturer/producer of concrete, which was able to provide an alternative solution for the same price and to the same standards; and, finally, the Neo-Eco Recycling company, which was in charge of monitoring the environmental impact and of measuring the ecotoxicity effects on fauna and flora.

This first project resulted in new partnerships. Regular implementation of this type of partnership will help sustain this sector, create local jobs in high quality recycling and avoid the need to ship materials over long distances by recycling them locally. The impact on carbon reduction will also be positive.

>> Vidéo : Rabot Dutilleul & Les Carrières du Boulonnais: a partnership for a circular economy

>> Vidéo : Rodolphe Deborre, innovation and sustainable development manager of Rabot Dutilleul, speaks at the 2017 Green Solutions Awards prize-giving ceremony.



The French winners in the twelve categories are competing with the winners of the other countries participating in the competition. The twelve categories are: "Sustainable Cities Grand Prix", "Audience Award for Neighbourhoods"', "Sustainable Infrastructures Grand Prix", "Audience Award for Sustainable Infrastructures", "Energy and Temperate Climates", "Energy and Warm Climates", "Low Carbon", "Healthcare and Comfort", "Smart Buildings", "Sustainable Construction Grand Prix", "Sustainable Renovation" and "Public Award for Buildings". The prize-giving ceremony took place in Bonn on 15th November during the Cop 23 Conference. As the sponsor of this event, Rabot Dutilleul sponsored the Sustainable Renovation Grand Prix award.

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