After completion of the refurbishment, the La Piscine museum in Roubaix reopens to the public

On Saturday, 20th October, the renovated “La Piscine” museum (enlarged by 2,000 sq. m.) inaugurated a new tour for visitors. We congratulate the Rabot Dutilleul Construction teams for conducting the works on this untypical project!


When La Piscine was opened in 2001, it was forecast that it would be visited by 60,000 people a year. In fact, it has been visited by between 200,000 and 250,000 people a year.  Faced with this incredible success, the museum decided to add 2,000 sq. m. to accommodate an improved and enhanced tour including spaces dedicated to young visitors. 


As for the transformation of the building into a museum 20 years ago (between 1997 and 2001), the architect Jean-Paul Philippon designed the project development and closely monitored the progress of the works conducted by Rabot Dutilleul Construction. Over a period of two years, around 20 craftsmen built 1,600 sq. m. of new spaces and restored 700 sq. m. of existing spaces.    

La Piscine, Roubaix, Rabot Dutilleul Construction


Certain stages of the project risked damaging the works exhibited in the museum. “We found solutions to the problem of preventing floor vibrations that risked damaging certain works of art, “ explains Julien Molmy, the project manager.     
Connecting the extension of the museum to the existing building was particularly critical: “we had to put in place 19 door seals for all the required openings in the existing wall while protecting the works of art from je the slightest speck of dust” says Tony Allexandre, the works manager.  

La Piscine, Roubaix, Rabot Dutilleul Construction La Piscine, Roubaix, Rabot Dutilleul Construction

The challenge has been taken up successfully and the works have been completed. The new development was inaugurated on Saturday, 20th October! .!


After reopening, 8,000 sq. m. were made accessible to the public
The extension features 1,600 sq. m. of new build and 700 sq. m. of refurbishments 
Three new spaces for the permanent collections and the temporary exhibitions. 
Two new workshops for art-based practices by groups of visitors to La Piscine. 

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