2018 Green Solutions Awards : Sustainable development is at the heart of our strategy

In a very buoyant market, Rabot Dutilleul continues to shape the urban landscape by conducting renovation-rehabilitation projects.
Moreover, for three consecutive years, the group has partnered the “Green Building Solutions Awards” competition in the “Sustainable Renovation” category. This competition is organised by the Construction 21 social building network, which aims to promote a sustainable world


Rehabilitating a building that is obsolete is often a technical challenge and transforming it for a new use is even more exciting. These two operations are often inseparable and pose energy challenges, which the Rabot Dutilleul group deals every day by being innovative.

The group is committed to structuring its development around a very environment-friendly approach that features three innovative courses of action:

- Transforming and renovating creatively

In 2017, the various affiliates of the Rabot Dutilleul group rehabilitated 95,157 sq. m. of office space and 922 housing units.

Rabot Dutilleul Construction rehabilitated Station F (better known as Halle Freyssinet) in the 13th district of Paris, thereby creating the world’s largest campus for start-ups.

The main value of Rabot Dutilleul Construction’s approach is to preserve existing buildings and thus reduce as much as possible the negative impact of new buildings on the environment.

- Bio-sourced or recycled?
No matter what materials you use, the aim is to use those that have the least impact on the environment.
In Pré Saint-Gervais (north-eastern suburbs of Paris), for the headquarters of WWF, Rabot Dutilleul Construction and Rotor, the Belgian non-profit association, re-used the materials that existed on-site. The wood from the former decorative woodwork was used to create warm corners and the former elevator gates were used for the sides of the bicycle garage.
“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!” These famous words attributed to Lavoisier, the chemist, take on their full meaning in the concept of the circular economy.
- Consume less while consuming more smartly!
Our idea of controlled and environment-friendly consumption is based on renovation that guarantees high energy efficiency performance levels.
Originating in The Netherlands, our EnergieSprong method is a revolutionary approach to delivering housing refurbishments with guaranteed net-zero energy performance levels (E=0).
In less than two months, 10 social housing units were refurbished in Hem (northern France) by placing photovoltaic modules on the roofs, thanks to the shared know-how of our affiliates Rabot Dutilleul Construction, Smart Module Concept and Pouchain.

>> To find out more about Rabot Dutilleul’s actions to deal with climate change, read the interview with Rodolphe Deborre, the group’s Innovation and Sustainable Development Manager.


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