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In order to maximise the optimisation of construction processes and provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that meet their specific needs, we draw on industrial methods such as off-site construction, lean construction, kitting, etc.  



Kitting is notably used on building upgrading projects. In principle, it consists of using a logistics provider to deliver directly on-site as the works progress the kits containing the equipment that is strictly necessary, an approach that also saves time and optimises costs



Lean management applied to building and construction, also known as lean construction, makes 360° project management possible by involving all stakeholders in the performance enhancement process. Lean construction allows all project players to jointly draw up an optimised schedule understood by all. This method is used by the Group on numerous project worksites. For the first time, Rabot Dutilleul Construction deployed the lean construction approach right from the design stage of its E=0 energy renovation of 160 houses in Wattrelos by involving all the project stakeholders, namely: its partners Symoe, Nortec, Red Cat and Pouchain, but also the project owner Vilogia, which is very committed, along with all the companies concerned, to maximising the overall performance level. 

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