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A property development and construction group with powerful brands

A family-owned independent and international property development and construction Group, Rabot Dutilleul is one of France’s top 10 players in construction and civil engineering. Established in 1920, it has developed skills in complementary construction-related business lines, thereby acquiring complete mastery over the real estate supply chain.

The values at the heart of Rabot Dutilleul’s corporate culture are based on the collective performance of its nearly 1500 employees and on establishing sustainable relationships with its partners. Operating in France, Belgium, Poland and Germany, the Group is 90% owned by the Dutilleul family and 10% owned by its employees.

Property development


Find out more about Nacarat

Nacarat is a generalist property developer operating in France and Poland. A forerunner in green construction and aesthetics-enhancing development, Nacarat delivers high quality projects for individuals, businesses and local authorities.
Its comprehensive expertise allows it to deliver multifunctional developments and focus at the earliest opportunity on planning issues.

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Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Find out more about Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Construction is at the heart of the Group’s time-honoured know-how. We help our public and private customers to meet their challenges by our high value-added engineering, constant innovation, taking sustainable development into account beyond the limits of regulatory compliance and our ability successfully to deliver package deals as general contractor or design-and-build operator.
This know-how is expressed in new build and refurbishment projects.

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And its affiliates

Find out more about Demouy

Demouy is active in the north-east of France, where it implements construction and renovation projects. In addition, for over 60 years, it has performed civil engineering works in high-risk environments all over France.

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Find out more about Rabot Dutilleul Partenariats

Rabot Dutilleul Partenariats is specialised in public-private partnerships and in setting up projects. It provides public authorities and private investors with suitable solutions to complex problems in terms of financing, technical design, the operation of buildings, legal structuring, construction and maintenance.

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Find out more about iDéel

The iDéel company specialises in property works packaging. In this capacity, it provides a wide range of innovative legal solutions that meet the requirements of clients/project owners based on the design-and-build know-how of Rabot Dutilleul Construction.

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Find out more about Norlit

Since 2001 Norlit has represented Rabot Dutilleul Construction in the Côte d’Opale region from the Belgian border to the Somme bay.

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Find out more about Gérim

Operating for 40 years as a general contractor, Gérim has established its reputation as a specialist in the delivery of design-and-build, turnkey professional buildings for SMEs/SMIs, large French or international groups and developers-investors. It builds or refurbishes buildings of all kinds: industrial, retail or commercial.

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Smart module concept

Find out more about Smart module concept

Smart Module Concept specialises in modular timber construction systems that meet very high architectural standards. It has developed industrialised construction processes that allow three-dimensional modules to be prefabricated in workshops to guarantee quality, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

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Archi Graphique

Find out more about Archi Graphique

On the strength of 30 years of experience in service provision, the Archi Graphique agency has acquired dual expertise in two key areas: information technology and architecture. A member of Mediaconstruct (an association that fosters the digital transition throughout the construction sector), the agency has established its reputation as an expert in BIM management, digital design and 3D modelling of architectural projects.

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Louis de Waele

Find out more about Louis de Waele

With more than 150 years of experience, Louis de Waele is located in Brussels, where it specialises in the construction, renovation and restoration of all kinds of buildings as well as the delivery of civil engineering projects.

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And its affiliates

Find out more about Simonis

Established in 1928, Simonis is a construction general contractor located in Brussels. Its know-how also encompasses the renovation, refurbishment and conversion of buildings.

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Find out more about Louis de Waele

Established in 2017 in Brussels, the Immo Louis de Waele company specialises in arranging property transactions.


RD bud

Find out more about RD bud

RD bud was established in Poland in 1997. Active across the whole of Poland, RD bud specialises in the turnkey construction of shopping centres, hotels, office buildings, logistical warehouses and industrial facilities. It is also involved in numerous renovation projects.

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RD Bauprojekt

Find out more about RD Bauprojekt

Following the completion of several "turnkey" construction projects in Germany since 2012, the group established its RD Bauprojekt subsidiary in Berlin in 2017.

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