Our history

Rabot dutilleul,
nearly 100 years of entrepreneurship

Portrait d’Henri Rabot et Barthélémy Dutilleul


Rabot Dutilleul is established by Henri Rabot and Barthélémy Dutilleul in the Lille metropolis. Across France, the startup business uses reinforced concrete (an innovation at the time) to build factories, bridges, power stations and silos for storing cereals.


Industrialisation des chantiers

Construction sites begin to industrialise thanks to the introduction of metallic form panels with their precast concrete slabs, prefabrication and the use of the first tower crane invented by Potain. Rabot Dutilleul uses all the new processes and technologies of that time.


Construction d’usines, d’entrepôts, centres logistiques, bureaux et hypermarchés nouvelle génération.

Rabot Dutilleul builds a new generation of advanced factories, warehouses, logistics centres, offices, hypermarkets, etc. Thanks to prefabrication and prestressed concrete, the company develops in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.


Entrée sur le marché du logement du groupe Rabot Dutilleul

Rabot Dutilleul enters the high-growth housing market.


Entrée sur le marché parisien, et début de la croissance en Algérie du groupe Rabot Dutilleul

The Group joins the Paris market and begins its international development in Algeria.

Renforcement de l’expertise du groupe dans le métier de la construction et de la promotion immobilière.


The Group gains new expertise and expands into property development.


Renforcement du développement à l’international avec la création de la société RD bud en Pologne, et la construction de 3 projets au Liban

Rabot Dutilleul continues to expand internationally by establishing the RD bud construction company in Poland and embarking on a great adventure: three projects in Beirut, Lebanon.


Acquisition des entreprises Louis de Waele, à Bruxelles

By acquiring Entreprises Louis de Waele, the leading construction company in Brussels, Rabot Dutilleul develops its activities in continental Europe. Its property development businesses are grouped together under the Nacarat brand.


Plan de transformation lancé par le groupe

To meet new market expectations (more complex projects, the increasing amount of engineering work, cost-cutting efforts, etc.), Rabot Dutilleul launches a transformation plan.


Création de la filiale RD Bauprojekt à Berlin

Following the completion of several “turnkey” construction projects in Germany since 2012, the group launched its affiliate RD Bauprojekt in Berlin in 2017.