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REV3 (the 3rd industrial revolution) merges digitalisation with the requirement to save resources, the aim being to move towards a more responsible, sustainable, connected and collaborative society and economy. 

Rabot Dutilleul has tackled these issues and participated in this dynamic from the very beginning. 

The REV3 concept is based on five pillars and one prerequisite: 
1/ shifting to renewable energy;
2/ transforming the building stock into micro-power plants; 
3/ storing energy; 
4/ using “smart” energy networks to connect buildings that share green electricity; 
5/ transitioning to electric and hydrogen transport mobility; 
6/ and the prerequisite: energy efficiency. 

In 2012, Rabot Dutilleul actively participated in drawing up the master plan that led to the launch of the REV3 dynamic in the Hauts-de-France region. Since then, the company has developed REV3-inspired projects wherever it operates. Furthermore, the ASAP approach to eco-design promoted by Rabot Dutilleul fully takes into account REV3 issues. 


rev3, la troisième révolution industrielle en Hauts-de-France
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