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Renovating and rehabilitating existing sites calls for technical skill and passion. These two values are close to Rabot Dutilleul’s heart!

KEY FIGURES (at the 31/12/18)

  • 27% chare of rehabilitation as a percentage of the Group’s revenues

  • 808 rehabilitated homes delivered in 2018

  • 71810 sq.m. of upgraded office space in 2018



The Group always dares to go further in pursuing its ambitions and relies on innovation to face the energy challenges that come with the transformation of buildings. While putting them to new uses or by awakening their potential, it takes care to preserve the environment and to develop energy-saving solutions.

In the 16th district of Paris, Rabot Dutilleul Construction turned a former garage into an upmarket office building called Code, which has become the future head office of Adobe France. In Paris as well, Nacarat co-developed the rehabilitation of a listed building on avenue de Trudaine. This former school building will be turned by Rabot Dutilleul Construction into a modern living-space featuring 7,300 sq. m. of office space, 2,000 sq. m. of housing and a creche. Combining simplicity with elegance, a large central glass roof will revive this space without changing its façades or proportions. These two rehabilitation projects aim to qualify for HQE renovation certification.

In Belgium, the prestigious building that used to house the former cement plants known as Cimenteries Belges Réunies (CBR) in Brussels was turned into an office building with shared spaces, thanks to works carried out by Immo Louis De Waele et Simonis. In 2019, Rabot Dutilleul Construction is renovating Hall B in the former railway station of the Saint Sauveur quarter, which has become a renowned cultural venue in the city of Lille.



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