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Every year, Rabot Dutilleul has been increasing the eco-design of its buildings. With the help of partnerships and new tools, the Group pursues its ecological ambitions and broadens its thinking; it does not hesitate to be a precursor by importing approaches from neighbouring countries and by developing innovations in each project.



The circular economy aims to use the resources available for as long as possible notably by reusing them. This challenge for the future forms part of the Group’s ecodesign policy. Here are a few examples in 2018.

On the site where materials are sorted by Baudelet Environnement in Tourcoing, managed by Gérim, the materials for the city streets and the gabions that delimit the traffic areas are made from materials taken from the deconstruction of the site. The paving stones where consolidated using concrete mixed with recycled granulates. 

In Paris, Nacarat used during the study phase the services of our partner Néo-Eco before the rehabilitation of the Trudaine site, to identify the materials that could be reused on other projects or resold via platforms that favour the circular economy. 

In Brussels, Les Entreprises Louis de Waele renovated 28,000 sq.m of office space for l’Office National de Sécurité Sociale. Instead of throwing away the former insulating walls, our Belgian affiliate recycled them and reused the rock wool from the former partitions in the roofing of its Logis Floréal work site in Watermael-Boitsfort. 

"Waste is no longer waste, but material which can be used. This approach has two benefits: it is more environment-friendly and it provides economic value added because the sorting of waste reduces costs."  Marc Vanderick, Head of environmental safety quality and after sales at Louis De Waele


"Rabot Dutilleul is one of the pionners in this sector. In 2014, it was one of the first companies to include the circular economy approach in one of its projects (the Decathlon warehouse in Lompret built by Gérim). Today, the Group wishes to go further in this direction. We are proud to support Rabot Dutilleul’s switch to greater circularity.​" Christophe Deboffe, Chairman of Neo-Eco, Engineering company specialised in waste recycling

Economie circulaire et upcycling
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