A shared
sustainable vision

Sustainable development is borne on the tide of history - we can no longer meet the needs
of current generations without thinking of preserving those of future generations.

There is an increasing awareness that mitigating global warming is the priority and the responsibility of us all. Constructing buildings is an activity that has negative impacts; however, unlike other sectors, not only can these impacts be mitigated, they can also be turned into positive impacts*.

Rabot Dutilleul endeavours to limit the impacts of its activity on the environment and has decided to go beyond the basic legal requirements by placing all its know-how at the service of contributing positively to the sustainable enhancement of built environments. Sustainability is a genuine driver of growth for our organisations - a vision shared by all Rabot Dutilleul employees and its ecosystem, who express it through their concrete actions.

* biodiversity, thermal rehabilitation and changes of use, new positive energy buildings, the use of biosourced materials, urban densification, etc.

François Dutilleul,
Chairman of Rabot Dutilleul

Our objective

To build and refurbish high-performance buildings that comply with the pillars of sustainability - economic, social, environmental - and are recognised as such and replicated.

Our method

Our method combines our ASAP (As Sustainable As Possible) eco design process, with a smart system offering innovative partnerships with non profits organisations, startups, NGOs… which are complete sources of new synergies and collaborations.

Asap, as sustainable as possible
In 2014, AFNOR (the French Standardisation Association) certified as exemplary Rabot Dutilleul’s “As Sustainable As...
Innovative partnerships
Rabot Dutilleul makes its internal skills available to external initiatives or expert activities promoted by non-profit...

A few figures

100% of employees made aware of Sustainable Development

250 employees trained in eco-design (since 2012)

570 eco-designed projects (studied), of which 115 have been delivered or are in progress

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Economie circulaire et upcycling
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rev3, la troisième révolution industrielle en Hauts-de-France
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démarche qualité, certifications
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