Résidence Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Lestrem

Typology Healthcare

Location Lestrem (62)

Year of delivery 2016

Architect Luc Windels (Cabinet Maes)

RT 2012



Norlit has built an EHPAD retirement home with 80 beds and six dayrooms. Developed by the property developer Nacarat, this new EHPAD has been built as a result of the town of Lestrem’s determination to establish a centre of excellence in terms of welcoming retired people in the heart of Flanders. The Antoine de Saint Exupéry Residence replaces the former Saint Joseph care home located in Lestrem. This new facility has been modelled on a hotel: each bedroom becomes a private, customisable space that can be accessed only by using a smart badge. Small common areas are spread out over the residence for users to entertain family and friends. Pushing the concept to the limits, the teams of carers have been trained in the hotel skills. 

Résidence Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Lestrem Résidence Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Lestrem

Key features

  • 80-bed EHPAD
  • 6 dayrooms
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Nacarat is a generalist property developer operating in France, Belgium and Poland. A forerunner in green construction and aesthetics-enhancing development, Nacarat delivers high quality projects for individuals, businesses and local authorities.
Its comprehensive expertise allows it to deliver multifunctional developments and focus at the earliest opportunity on planning issues.

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Since 2001 Norlit has represented Rabot Dutilleul Construction in the Côte d'Opale region from the Belgian border to the Somme bay.

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