New Wind’s l’Arbre à Vent® will soon be installed on the site of a Nacarat/Crédit Agricole Nord Est building programme

In October 2017, the Arbre à Vent® biomimetic device invented by New Wind will be installed on the site of the office building programme developed by Nacarat and Crédit Agricole du Nord Est in the Reims-Bezannes business park.

Imagined by Jérôme Michaud Larivière, the Chairman and CEO of New Wind, the Arbre à Vent® is the first biomimetic wind turbine that captures urban winds. With its Aeroleaves, micro-turbines in the shape of leaves developed by New Wind, this totally silent tree can capture the smallest breaths of wind to create renewable electricity.

The introduction of this innovative technology in the office building programme developed by Nacarat and Crédit Agricole du Nord Est, is a first for the Reims region. This Arbre à Vent® will enhance the energy efficiency of the building and generate enough electricity to cover the annual needs of five start-ups located in the building.

Arbre à vent New Wind

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