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HR Highlights*

1 740 employees

82% male

18% female

254 new hires (on temporary or permanent contracts)

150 interns and alternating trainees recruited

* As at 30/12/2016
Sending a direct unsolicited job application

Job vacancies

Île de France Ingénieur travaux H/F DEBUTANT ( < 1 an) Rabot Dutilleul Construction STAGE Find out more
Picardie Chargé d'études de prix H/F JUNIOR (1 à 5 ans) Demouy CDI Find out more

Our everyday life

Thierry transfers his expertise
Thibaut change de métier
Thierry transfers his expertise #transmission #skills « Since my arrival in 2014, my main mission has been to develop...
Saida is integrating new staff
Saida intègre les nouveaux collaborateurs
Saïda is integrating new staff #conviviality #sharing   « Three times a year, I organise a welcome day for new Group...
Nicolas is developing a new market
Nicolas développe un nouveau marché
Nicolas is developing a new market #trust #atypical career path « As a student at the ESITC school of engineering in...
Christine participates in Handi’Week
Christine participe à la Handi'Week
Christine participates in Handi'Week #awareness-raising #disability « Every year, the Group organises Handi’Week...
Manuel co-builds the offices of tomorrow
Manuel co-construit les bureaux de demain
Manuel co-builds the offices of tomorrow #collaborative work #innovation « At Nacarat, we’ve gone beyond simply...
Louise creates a solidarity project
Louise crée un projet solidaire
Louise creates a solidarity project #initiative #daring « What I like best in this company is the freedom to...
Stéphanie commits herself to a "Great Place To Work"
Stéphanie s'engage pour Great Place To Work
Stéphanie commits herself to a "Great Place To Work" #coporate project #well-being at work   « A few months after my...

The latest human resources news

  • Clara, stage partagé, Vendredi, la Cravate Solidaire

    Shared internship : Monday to Thursday in company and Friday in a non-profit organisation

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  • Sandrine Krygel, pilote social chez Rabot Dutilleul Construction

    Social go-between : a new job in the construction sector

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  • Groupe de Dynamique d'Embauche Rabot Dutilleul 2016-2017

    Rabot Dutilleul welcomes another dynamic employment group

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  • Visite de chantier lors des Coulisses du Bâtiment

    A behind-the-scenes look at building sites!

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